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  • Chunny Baker

Exploring Unreal

Exploring Unreal

As a last project for the class before the holidays we were tasked with concept a character then creating the characters everyday space in 3D.

This was a group project, In the beginning we went through a round different Ideas, the character as a superhero or villain. The character as a massive gamer, as a librarian. In the end we decided on a medical doctor/tinkerer from a alternative 1900’s era.

I mocked some concepts using photo montage in photoshop to try and get an overall feeling or mood for the room.

This was a fun project to work on I like the Idea of creating environments.

This project I was essentially party leader or at director of the group. For this project i created a few duplicates of potion bottles, some of the furniture. I was also the person the arrange the assets to create the room.

For this project we had to import the model into the unreal engine. This was exciting to me as i have always enjoyed tinkering with map makers and making custom levels for games like halo.

Working in the unreal engine for me felt like working in the ultimate map editor, since the unreal engine is used on a professional level to create games.

So with this project as i was exploring unreal It was hard for me not to explore features and get distracted with the engine.

As i was playing around with the texturing in unreal I grew more familiar with the node based texturing of unreal, and was able to duplicate and modify a variety of inbuilt starter content within Unreal.

To apply multiple textures to a single object in unreal had to import from maya with placeholder textures. So when imported unreal could recognize that the mesh had different material ID’S

Once again this project could have been better executed if a small bit of future planning had been thought about the process. When setting up the layout of the room I duplicated untextured meshes so had to double back and add textures to many items instead of a few.

Overall this project was fun It has inspired me to explore unreal further.

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