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  • Chunny Baker

Fields of Study

I would like to propose focusing on two to three fields of study.

The first field of study is to focus on animation. Following animation as I enjoy making things move, but feel like haven't had much practice with animation. i would like to use a variety of premade rigs to animate the the mundane to the exciting. Practice using bipedal rigs looking at movements such as idle walk, run, emotional, reactions and body mechanics.

I would like to experiment with some different creature rigs looking into other forms of animation such as quadrupedal and flight. Using video reference would like to try using rotoscoping techniques to match 3D characters to move intime with video reference.

Second Field of study I would like to look into environment creation. I don't have much practice in creating environments but the last assessments where we were creating small environments were interesting processes. I have always enjoyed using map makers that are bundled with games such as Speed Runners, Halo, Age of empires. I have created many custom maps for the Halo games in each sequel and edition.

I understand creating an environment from scratch would be different than using predetermined assets to create a map, but interested in exploring the process. For inspiration I will likely look at creating a environment suited for a video game. Drawing inspiration from Crash Bandicoot, Halo, Tomb Raider, God of War.

Third aspect of project would like to explore other software packages. Softwares would be interested in getting familiar with would be Unreal, Mudbox After effects, Motion.

For this I am leaning more towards familiarizing myself with sculpting package and game engines.

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