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  • Chunny Baker

Flour Feedback

So after a little bit of time of not looking at the flour sack animation thinking it was done and dusted for the time being. I sent the animation to one of my previous teachers who likes to be informed and updated on current work.

This teacher pointed out some small flaws and feedback for the animation. So i had another look at the animation and I can see pretty clearly now that it has been pointed out. The center of mass of the character suffers from a period of inactivity. This is generally bad practice as nothing is truly stationary in animation otherwise it looks too stiff and robotic.

I thought i had the character moving subtly for this period but I may have unintentional deleted the keys when working in the graph editor cleaning up the animation.

When i have the chance I will fix up this animation even if its just for my own satisfaction.

Some little tips I was told for animation in general

- Animating fast exotic movement can be considered easier., you can get away with more since the action is quick and unfamiliar.


Animating slower or things we see everyday is harder since we see these actions everyday and can instantly pick up even unconsciously if things are wrong with the animation.

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