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  • Chunny Baker

Creation Recycle Life

So i have been modeling away to add life to my environment. I have recently created low poly versions of Mushrooms









This was a interesting process of recycling meshes to create new items.

From combining part of the mushroom mesh and the starfish mesh is how the Turtle was created.

The jellyfish was a mixture of seaweed and mushroom.

one of the seaweed/coral variations was a bunch of mushrooms stacked together. The crystal i decided to model as tribute to crash bandicoot sine some of their level designs are part of the reason i wanted to try to create a enviroment for myself.

Speaking of recycling I have brought in some old meshes from previous projects to fill the world

these include

Skull from a character I created in second Trimester

A virus creature i created in my spare time this was modified to create a octopus type thing and some alien looking crabs.

A alien fruit I created last Trimester.

Goggles i created for Mater class.

Recycling meshes and old work means i can fill out the world with more detail in less time.

I have been working on the cave area of the environment. I created a underwater pool using a smoothed cube, this was then duplicated and recolored to create a interesting water effect where there is "liquid" with a different density

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