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  • Chunny Baker

Another round

Entering into the next studio classes for study which means more updates through blogs. We had pitches this week. For the next 12 weeks will be working on a project telling the story of a ghost who wants to be a DJ.

For this project I have put my hand up for the Art director role, being in charge of the style and art direction of the project. This is a bit intimidating for me as I know i have a tendency to be drawn and attracted to complicated designs. The style of the project can either make or break a film to help sell the story or themes.

For me to be in a lead or influencing position i would like to have input and feedback from the team I generally dont like leading with a super authoritative nature I always like getting feedback and being willing to adapt. I will treat this role similar to how i teach where have a rough Idea pass by people then based on feedback make any necessary changes and try that.

Over the last few days I have been watching a lot of Animations for inspiration and to start to form a direction. In this i have realized despite studying in the field i haven't really watched many animations recently. So the last few days has been nice to see start watching again.

As always the gobleins animation school in France have been creating some nice works. In my exploring i found this 2d short "Memo"

" Memo" is a touching story dealing with memory lost and the pressures of doing everyday tasks. It has a nice style on how the pressure is depicted.

"Again" this is a nice little animation following a character who goes through activity again and again in a type of groundhog day story. In this short I quite like the cell toon shading style of the animation.

"Overwatch Portraits" This short is a interesting designed where the artist has depicted all the characters made to look like balloons. i think this could be a nice interesting cute direction to consider for the DJGhost project.

Not to weigh this post down with all the videos this will do for now.

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