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  • Chunny Baker

Narrowing research

I have possibly narrowed down the idea for my independent research study.

The possible topics was more animation, spx, vr, and projection mapping. Through working on other projects and groups most of theses things will be covered. So through one group project will be helping making assets for a Vr game. If the scope goes well for another project I may be able to have a try with some projection mapping stuff, which is pretty exciting.

So for my personal research I would like to try to experiment with Houdini and Maya to see what sort of Spx and results I can achieve. During my research of looking at animations I cam across a bunch of abstract CGI shorts which I find pretty inspiring.

Experimenting with Houdini and Maya I would like to try to achieve something of a similar nature.

I downloaded and installed Houdini to have look at the interface to see how daunting the software looks. Having a brief look the software is neatly organised into different categories of tabs similar to Maya. But I guess I will see how nice it is to work with soon.

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