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  • Chunny Baker


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"Success is something that you do, not something that happens to you."

I have mixed feelings and conceptions of success, Thinking to the future trying to sort out goals and reflecting on myself is something that I get anxious about and takes a lot of effort for me.

One hand success is a state of being, a feeling of satisfaction, happiness and sense of achievement in overcoming some form of challenge.

On the other hand success feels like something that is always just out of reach or there always seems to be something more. Maybe this is a preconception of the surrounding society telling me I can be whatever I wish the world is waiting to be molded. This is a grand vision that creates a sense of there must be something better then where i am currently at. Reaching that "better" aspect is a means of success.

As story I remembered that seems related of a creative individual who portrayed themselves as student game of game development. Having the mindset I am still learning, The games do not count since its student work, or there is no money involved. Next stage having some small "success" but not seeing it that way, Still in the mindset well the games are not that popular its a niche group.Then reaching a game that got lots of money, but having the mindset of well that was a one off...

This story continues each time there is a success there is a perception of that it doesn't count or there is something more.

i know i fall into this trap, comparing myself to other people.. well this person is "successful" because did this at a certain age, or acquired "X" or did "y" In the end we are left to ourselves and how we perceive or measure our acomplishments

To embrace success, have to accept the small steps every victory no matter how small is still a overcome challenge, which can be called a success.

Now to convince myself...

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