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  • Chunny Baker

CRASH, redo CRASH, repeat..

Have been pushing through with animation for the group project. The smallest shots that I have have been giving me the most grief. Constant crashing even with deleting history and reducing the scene down to bare bones still crashing.

The scenes have been crashing for a bunch of different reasons that I can diagnosis

History not being deleted on some of the meshes

Known nodes in scene as a result of rendered not installed on all machines from all the group members

Large namespace in the file

duplicate nodes

Low memory on system

Windows 10 being a memory hog with leakage

Maya preferences corrupt

At the worst I have been averaging a crash every 5 minutes or less. This has been such a time drain, what I thought would be a quick update of a scene so I could work on other things ended up taking collectively upwards of 20 hours to troubleshoot and problem solve this has been a stressful draining experience where I reached quite a strained period where I was close to giving up.

For a s scene that is only around a 3 seconds of animation I feel this trouble hasn't been worth it.

With this problem I have been saving many different versions and iterations trying to push through with the crashes.

With each iteration my scene folder is getting quite messy and hard to find files among st everything.

Some of the steps i took to try and reduce the crashing amount

Deleting history on file

Opening each referenced and imported asset individually and deleting history on each file

Optimizing the scene removing any null or unknown nodes

Importing scene to a new file

caching animation to geo in a new file

Deleting preferences folder

Reinstalling Maya

Defraging computer

Clearing space on Harddrive

Starting from scratch redoing the scene

Some of these "fixes" help for a little bit others made things worse.

I have had enough of this project this has been super fustrating the past week or so.

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