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  • Chunny Baker

FistFight A (Another) Card game

Project hoping seems to be the nature of the game that I play, Before I finalize, finish or let one project settle I tend to pick up another project.

Recent project is another card game idea, this one on a much smaller scale than "Counter chaos"

So much so that was able to design a quick digital prototype within a day.

Still have to hammer out some details but the new card game "FistFight" is playable through Tabletopia or Tabletop simulator.

FistFight is a simple 2 Player game simulating the mechanics of a classic fighting video game.

There are 5 different cards

-High Attack

-Low Attack

-Standard( Mid)



Each card is strong against one and weak against another. With simple "Scissors paper rock" type game-play one card beats the other.

If your card is the stronger against the opponent you claim that round as a victory, victory can be represented by claiming the opponents card and keeping it in front of you as a way to track winning totals.

can play the to the best of 3, 5,10 or any number until the deck has been depleted.

What was the driving force to create this game? Well I have always enjoyed Fighting games, the fast pace motions of trying to break your opponents guard and the back and forth of trading blows.

Doesn't matter the type of fighting game, each game with a different skin, or set of characters or controls each fighting game boils down to a few core mechanics. So thinking on this wanted to translate this into a card game.

Wanted a stripped down version of a card fight game, and while working on Counter Chaos had this idea. Have always enjoyed the idea of games that require a bit of strategy, I still want to tweak this game and add different amounts of damage and level's of health but then it could become more complicated and potentially too similar to Counter Chaos.

Will see how the stripped mechanics play out in tests.

Game can be played here

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