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  • Chunny Baker

Introducing Rhyming Musings

Sometimes dabble with creative writing by writing little poems, figured would sometimes share these short rhyming musings.

"Rhyming Musings" short form creative writings which can be found using the #tag #RhymingMusings or under the Creative Writing Category

But like the rest of the blog will be infrequent and sporadic in timings when will post.

The first little writing "The Wind Is Lonely"



The wind is lonely.

It threads between the grown and constructed.

Rolling, flowing, weaving rarely obstructed.

Convincing leaves to come Along to play,

Spinning, spiraling engaging but never to stay.

Exploring traveling all around the world,

But then being scolded for being too cold.

Attention seeking with soft leaves rustle

But the world too blind speeding along in a hustle.

Growing Bold and shouting with a large breath of Air

Storms a raging tempest so much it scares.

Easing quietening, drifting, gliding, floating

Traveling, flying, fluttering forgotten.

Weaving unseen, under pressure.

Have you considered ever?

The wind is lonely.



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