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  • Chunny Baker

Midnight Musings

Back in 2021 I saw a writing challenge pop up on my social feed, it was a month long writing challenge where participants were tasked with creating a poem a day for 30 days.

I have reworked this piece into a deluxe hardcover published book.

The deluxe version is a extended with extra drawings and writings on mate black paper in a lux dust cover hardcover book. Perfect addition to your bookshelf.

You can get the Hardcover version and a PDF version from my store

This mini book brings together the writings and musings from this months challenge, with some illustrations to accompany the words.

Have a peak on what to expect


"Late nights are often times of creativity,

personal projects, and quiet reflection.

It's not a habit for me to write consistently

as I usually float between different art

projects with little to no direction.

Midnight musings bring a challenge of

daily writings from one month into one

convenient collection.

As the late night brings the mind into a

state of introspection, I hope you as the

reader can enjoy the thoughts, ideas and

themes in this Midnight musings even in

its imperfection."

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Erina Hoque
Erina Hoque
Sep 29, 2021

Writing a poem every day, for an entire month…now that’s challenging. Kudos on getting to the finish line :)

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