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  • Chunny Baker

Music Muse Hail Storm

Welcome back to the next installment of Music Muse, A place where I share different tracks that I am either currently obsessed with, Tracks I have found enjoyable or tracks that have inspired me or tracks that may inspire you.

Today for our track of music muse we will take a dive into a weird chaotic yet beautiful sounds of Kashiwa Daisuke.

Kashiwa is a Japanese artist that mixes Digital, glitch sounds with classical notes, pushing forward with the neoclassical sound. Drawing inspiration from the genres of post rock and EDM Kashiwa has a melodic and unique sound.

The track that made me aware of this artist and sharing today is Hail Storm.

This track starts with discorded chaotic choir voice in an alternating rhythm which is instantly strange, This voicing goes on to being the driving rhythm of the track.

I enjoy this track for its quirkiness, strangeness that acts as a massive ear worm and becomes a song that gets stuck in your mind.

The strange blossoming sound of this track reminds me of adventures in the rain and puddle jumping. It is playful and charming, going into a realm that is odd, giving me the impression of continuous movement.

Originally when I first heard the start of this song, I was unsure about it and almost on the cusp of skipping to the next track. But it was intriguing enough that I sat through, glad that I did because it is one of my favorite tracks at the moment.

Hopefully this track can bring you some feeling of strangeness and joy.


Track: Hail Storm

Artist: Kashiwa Daisuke.

Album: Re: RED

Release: 2017

Track Can be purchased here.

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