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That World (Music Muse)

Music has the power to take us to new worlds, has the power to manipulate and evoke different emotions. Today for Music muse I bring a minimal ambient experimental soundscape, which I understand may not be for everyone.

That World. By Tim Hecker.

Tim Hecker is a Canadian sound artist who is known for ambient experimental recordings. Tim takes melodies or recordings and distorts , morphs and shifts it to become something new, strange and otherworldly. Sounds are degenerated, saturated, and subtracted from, but are also added to using instrumental improvisations.

That world is the first track from the 2019 album Anoyo

Is a minimal track that creates a haunting mysterious atmosphere. The start of the track has plucked guitar that brings feelings of Japan. The melody is soft with sound artifacts of slight distortion which continue to carry on throughout the track.

I enjoy this track as it brings a image of a large Icelandic landscape at night. I imagine the Aurora Borealis filling the sky and being a spark on the wind traveling throughout the land. As this track plays I am reminded of a larger unknown world that is breathtaking and mysterious.

I enjoy the sweeping ambience and the slight glitch that flows through out the track.

In the past Tim has released albums as a companion so two albums released at different times each either serving as opposite or as alternative.

Anoyo is no different, Anoyo pairs with the previous album Konoyo.

That world is a variation and stripped back version of This life which is the start track on Konoyo

This track is well suited to listening as a late night reflection, contemplation or pondering. Would recommend listening with headphones or quality speakers for the full immersive experience.

Track: That World

Artist: Tim Hecker

Album: Anoyo

Release: 2019

Can purchase the Album here.

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