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John Baker (Chunny) Digital visual artist who recently finished A Bachelor of Animation at SAE Melbourne.

He is a 3D generalist who enjoys Character Animation and VFX. Passionate about animation since  his early high school life. First started playing with Animation after being inspired from content of the Internet flash era. A major source of inspiration for Chunny is video games, playing games most of his life, appreciating and being inspired from the various forms of art, and storytelling that games can contain.

Chunny has a Diploma in Visual and Creative Arts, through his visual art works he enjoys  experimenting with motion, animation, and trying to bring digital techniques into the physical world of visual art.

Often his art draws ideas and inspiration from mythology, the concept of memories, subconsciousness, dreams and nightmares.  Chunny enjoys experimentation to create works that are a hybrid of traditional and digital mediums.

Outside of artist life Chunny is a Parkour practitioner and Parkour Instructor for Melbourne In Motion/Australian Parkour Association.

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