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Thanks for taking the time to look  at my work. Feel free to contact me 

Hello and welcome! This is the the official website of Chunny (John)​ Baker, Naarm (Melbourne) based Creative and Mover 


Chunny as an Artist:

Chunny is  a multidisciplinary creative, with a Diploma of  Bachelor of Animation & Diploma in Visual and Creative Arts. He grew up with a constant stream of video games influencing his life and decisions, such as pursuing studies in creative media.

Chunny creates artwork in a wide variety of media, including (but not limited to) traditional drawing, digital painting, 2D & 3D animation. He enjoys the process of experimentation, and often creates works that are a hybrid of traditional and digital mediums.

Often Chunny's art draws ideas and inspiration from mythology, the concept of memories, subconsciousness, dreams, nightmares and mediums such as games or comics.

Chunny as a Parkour Instructor:

He is currently coaching with Explore MoveMelbourne in MotionGuardian Defense.


Chunny started teaching Parkour with the Canberra Parkour Association in 2011, and since then has worked with and taught for associations such as Canberra Parkour, Australian Parkour Association, Scouts Australia, PCYC, Melbourne Parkour. In his ten years of experience, Chunny has acquired a wide range of instructional experience from teaching school and holiday programs, workshops, classes for children and adults, and private lessons.


John enjoys the playful experimentation and creative side of movement in his training, often drawing inspiration from dance movements. This playfulness comes through in his teaching, and helps his students to access and draw joy from their own creativity and movement potential.


Chunny as a person: 

Outside of artistic projects and parkour movement, Chunny can often be found skating (on either the free-Skates or longboard), climbing trees, playing the guitar, dancing, reading  or drinking bubble tea.

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