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  • Chunny Baker

Out of loop

This week I have been pretty out of the look of the project, as I have been out of town with limited internet. Because of this I downloaded slack and messenger onto my phone to try and keep up to-date. This is a big thing for me as I dislike the use of smart devices and don't like the idea of the apps installed having access to so much of my information.

During this week I worked on some rough concept sketches of the ghosts. I tried looking to different sources for inspiration of different body shapes, sizes and designs.

Some of the different shapes I was looking into were inspired from comics, aliens,, other peoples creature designs, chibli style characters, wraith type spectral and assorted bunch of other things.

Some of the example artists I looked to for inspiration for the concepts can be found below.

Here are the rough sketches of shapes that I came up with.

Through researching other artists and styles this took a lot longer then it should have. I probably should have separated the research and the concept phase into separate parts. Since I was researching as I was drawing this took too long for the quality off the roughs produced.

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