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  • Chunny Baker

Tracking Ghosts

This week I created a floor plan for the Ghost house. I started by looking at the reffnce concept then tried to find floor plans for houses of similar styles. then building a plan based of this similar house.

For the floor plan I decided to build the full house interior as a full plan more as a reffence for ourselves.

Even knowing that the full house may not be used it can be nice to know how the house layout is help stage shots or as a backup in case we do decide to have more interior shots.

Prier to working on the floor plan I did some quick test render of a interior room using the toon shader. With this I experimented with having the toon shader but also a texture. So in this image we see a textured rug and a window that has a photo file texture being fed into the toon shader as a layer.

This week I worked on a style chart for the project. Instead of the usual photo bashing technique I made this from scratch basing it off the original ref fence concept image from Nikki.

From this concept I wanted to tr and add more Australian elements, So included a water tank, a wind generator and a roof spiny thing that can sometimes be found on houses. the roof spiny thing just looks like a chimney though. i wanted to play with the idea of a abandoned house, so i broke the fence and created some small overgrowth. I like the Chainlink fence I think it it helps push this image. I tried to add atmosphere to the image with the use of "light" and "fog".

For this I tried to add some personality to the style, though I feel dosn't have much personality. in the end i am mostly happy with this image. Though it did take me a long time to make this.

Around 5 hours of drawing and painting, so not the most effective in the grand scheme of things.

This week in class had a bonus lesson on how to achieve 2d tracking in After Effects. had a simple car park scene where the camera pans in a direction. From this footage we created additional text that tracked with the footage.

Setting up the tracking in After Effects seemed quite straight forward. I just realized I don't have After Effects installed on this machine i thought I did have access to it but apparently just premier on my Computer.

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