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  • Chunny Baker

ghostly concepts

Last fortnight have been working away creating and reworking things for Ghost project and trying to sort things for research report for a different subject.

With this it slipped my mind to record the progress.

Alright so the start of radio silence from me the project shifted into high gear. With a calculation of time we have left and how much time we have put into the project it was calculated that we are/were falling behind.

The start of the project had steam but we kind of plateaued so the project is being reinvigorated each week have to dedicate a large portion of time to try and see results.

First up here is my next iteration of trying to paint and get the style chart working.

This one I started from scratch once again trying to block out shapes in grey then using color correct to add color and to try and simulate depth volume and adding character.

For this frame i was trying to simulate the idea of a children book feel, since it was discussed early in the project that could be a possibility

This image revived the feedback that it needs to have a higher contrast At the moment the image kind of bleeds into itself.

Through this time i worked on the review of the floor plan and creating a interior Proxy tring to sort out the position of items and sorting out the general size of the interior.

For this I thought it would be a nice idea to have the house in a slightly run down or abandon feel to it.

The first part of gear shift in the project was to create the first pass of animation to be completed within the week.

For this the shots were divided up through dice rolls I recieved three scenes to work on.

The end of the fighting of the ghosts

The make up scene

The distracted kid scene with the blocks.

The fight scene was challenging to try and create the right tension between the characters. The characters having stumpy arms was a pretty annoying challenge to work through. The limbs do not stretch and having both characters pushing and pulling a object with t-rex arms that deform strangely ended up being a time sink.

Spent a lot of time readjusting cameras and tweaking poses to try and make it work.

Setting up the scenes for animation Maya kept crashing. I went through 3 or 4 iterations of crashes at different stages of setting up where i would have lost about 2 hours.

This was frustrating, so i decided before going further i opened each file i was using individually and cleared history and froze transforms, as some of the items i was using had not had that done. This seemed to helped because the crashing was no longer as often.

Here is the first pass of the animations I worked on. I forgot to set to stepped playback though so its starting to look like a rough pass two stage.

Some feed back that got for these shots

-The block scene needs to be more Dynamic, blocks more in your face

-"Griswald" after the blocks needs to be less animated.- Stern

-Punchier or poppy action, at the moment most movements are float and no weight.

-Use caution with mixing expressions can be over done

-Check composition, pumpkin scene is to liner and uniform with placement of everything

-The record snapping the wavy motion needs to be faster, possible adding slight stretch before snapping

-Sort out record "gluing" back to gether

The third character for the project needed to be fleshed out so I spent a little bit of time drafting up concepts for the direction. Started off with looking at wizards looking at the final fantasy mage that the group seems to like drawing inspiration from.

From here I started looking into other methods of covering the face of the kid as this was one of the requirements of the character.

From this started looking into doctor masks, this was a fun direction getting some interesting ideas with this. But it was brought to attention that theses masks can become creepy pretty quickly which isn't the vibe of the project.

So trying to keep the overall silhouette of these doctor characters I looked to Journey and crash bandicoot for inspiration, as these two games i seem to keep being draw to.

So i used Journey as a base for the shape of the body then wanted to try and pay homage to crash bandicoot via use of a mask.

As i work these concepts i wanted to shift the mask to make it simpler in design and shifting it so it is stylized. For this i thought it would be interesting if the mask was essentially a elaborate cardboard cutout, inspired from the cardboard masks like these.

This is the "final" general feel of the character until any changes need to be done or if director doesn't approve.

Havent sorted out a colour pallet for this character as of yet.

Till Next time


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