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  • Chunny Baker

Re-renders finishline

Reaching the final stages of the Ghost project where we are up sending the files to be graded and put together.

I have had to re-render some shots as the effects of tiredness are starting to seep into the project. Some of my scenes I rendered the wrong camera, or failed to render some passes for some shots. Some of the previous renders are not working in the compositing stage. So some tweaks such as having objects masking the ghosts to be re-rendered.

A bunch of my Maya scenes are still experiencing crashes, still frustrating but i am starting to come up with a workflow for each file that can help with crashing.

Opening file

Scrub timeline if crashing


Save as increment

Optimize scene, removing unknown nodes,

Delete duplicate nodes

Reload reffernce

Check namespace

Some of my re-renders that I have to do i can see have been a result of crashes where I loose some of the changes but have forgotten to reapply the changes after sorting out the crashes.

For personal research I have been able to play around with particles dispersing along a curve. I have spent alot of time adjusting and tweaking. This motion path particles took me a few iterations to get working. For some reason I think the attraction to the motion path was not strong enough. My previous tests with this effect the particles would just dissipate without following the path.

After starting from scratch a few times i ended up getting this effect to work

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