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The world is starting to change. People have started sprouting different enhanced abilities, starting a new populace known as the Enhanced. With the growing number of Enhanced appearing around the world, it didn’t take long before the war of Enhanced started, and subsequently engulfed the world.

Use your wits and resources to survive and take on the other Enhanced, battling to prove who is the best. Be prepared to use everything at your disposal, including your unique character abilities, your acquired abilities, counters for your foes, and don’t forget to enhance with mutators to ensure you are the last person standing.

Through death and destruction or enlightenment and invincibility, the way you claim victory is yours and yours alone.

A free-for-all arena fighter where players use different abilities and superpowers to fight other players.The aim of the game is to either reach an immortal state, or to eliminate all other players.

Use counters, to protect yourself by healing from attacks, blocking the damage, reflecting attacks back at the player attacking you, or create chaos by redirecting to another player.

Get into micro-battles by countering counters… And then countering again!


Give players weaknesses to slow them down to help your path to victory. Use character skills to help give you an edge on your foes.
If you are knocked out,fear not! The game is not over for you.. Guide the outcome of the game by giving the surviving players weaknesses or cause havoc by getting a foe to discard their hand.

If the person who knocked you out survives a couple rounds, come back to life in an explosive flurry and challenge them to a revenge duel of sudden death.


Gameplay mechanics of Counter Chaos.

  • Players can play both aggressive or Defensive.

  • Actions can be Countered, Actions and Counters can have consequences.

  • Variable characters each with a slightly different special that can modify how you play.

  • Mechanics of the game that can Buff or Debuff player actions.

  • Post Death actions, meaning if you are eliminated you are not just sitting around
    waiting for the game to end.

  • Variable win states, allowing for slight change of tactic on how to approach victories.


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