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Music Wrapped Ramblings

A abstrack purple image with sheet music

Always enjoy exploring different types of music and sharing tracks. Music Muse is a loose segment where I share tracks for different reasons. With the end of the year upon us thought would go into a bit of a music review for the year.

There will be a lot of different tracks shared here don't expect anyone to go through them all, so have marked particular favourites with **


Todays Track

First up we have this week's track that has been on repeat, if it keeps up it will likely end up as one of my most played tracks of 2024.

Heard of Darkness by Old Gods of Asgard (Poets of the Fall):  Comes from the Alan Wake soundtrack,  it is a dark rock musical theatre type sound where it's like a dialogue between different folk. I enjoy the melody and the symphony of the track.


Band Camp Top Track

In the interest of not always using spotify I sometimes seek music elsewhere. This years favourite discovery in this adventure is

**Puff by 8 Immortals(八仙饭店): A silky smooth slow psychedelic type rock track that has nice vocals and chill road trip sort of vibes. From a band 8Immortals from Beijing who seem not have much out.


Youtube Listen

A unique find that wont be everyones cup of tea, but a interesting discovery was the Album Everywhere at the end of time by the Caretaker.

It is a long album spaning 6hrs,(yes i listend to it all) that explores the concept of what it is like to loose your memory and self through dementia.

The album starts out clear but as time moves one more artifacts come through the songs, until the tracks pop and fade into the background of noise, then eventually silence it is a haunting experience but seems to capture the feeling of memory loss quiet well sonicly. Some of the later tracks do give feeling of anxiety and hoplessnessness so if you do explore be prepared to have something to life you up after. Have a listen, even if you just pick particalr points in timee and skim


Spotify Top Track

So the track the made my spotify top played track is

Nightcall Breakbot Remix By  Breakbot, Kavinsky

This track became the default song to play when in the shower, or did not know what song to play or start the day with.

No surprise from me that many of the top tracks are songs from the Across the Spiderverse soundtrack. Which i had on repeat for half the year after the film came out.

To see the rest of the spotify wrapped top 100 can visit the playlist here


Other Spotify Tracks

Spotify top 100 often does not reflect songs that I enjoy or discoveries that maybe didnt make quite the high number of plays so in particular order here is a random assortment of tracks ive enjoyed this year.

Adrift by Austin Wintory, Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey: From the game Stray Gods, is a theatre type ballad with vocals that weave back and forth. Is a enjoyable track that is quite an earworm that keeps getting stuck in my head. This was a game i enjoyed the music through out, this song was stuck in my head for days after playing the game.

War By  Poets of the Fall: A track from the game Control, it is a catchy melodic rock anthem that throughout the year kept finding myself putting back on, could be a fun karaoke track.

Guitar Pick By Memi: A catchy mix of Korean and English woven together into a rock song.

Hold On By Belle Sisoski: Belle has been appearing throughout social media, with some unique vocals, mixing techniques from pop, and mongolian throat singing that creates a satisfying mix to listen to, this track is more dancy and electronic type track.

Dopamine By Madeline: A Indie French Pop track, A couple versions got released, all in english, all in French, and a hybrid. Whichever version you listen to it digs into your mind Is a very catchy earworm.

Peur des filles- Montmarte Remix By  L’Imperatrice, Montmartre:  A French Electro Pop with silky vocals and upbeat synth to make you feel you are in a French night club on a friday night.

That Melody.. By Aoki Takamasa: A weirder track, for the unique taste. This one is an electronic glitch, disintegration type track. Where the melody is driven by computer beeps, glitches and other artificial effects.


Music Muse

Throughout the year in the notes feature of social platforms shared  a bunch of different tracks with no context into the void, that some people may listen to and enjoy. 

These tracks can be ones that were recently discovered, enjoying at the time or just tracks where it's interesting and just recommending to maybe expand a person's music playlist.

Here is the total track list shared for music muse in 2023, If you want all the Music muse tracks in a playlist find it here.

 Otherwise find the individual tracks below.

Screening pt 2 by Mr bill, Fumi: An chill electronic semi glitch track that includes some ambience space with some sounds that to me feel like some kind of ship. There are sounds like boat creaking and water type sound, the track creates a feeling of chill cruising adventure. It is a “Sequel” to Screening which is a more pad synth momentum sort of track.

We have to leave this town because I have done something unforgivable. By Peter Talisman, slugbed, Samuel organ: A great title to a song that tells a story on its own, this track slow chill beat with its plucked guitar and long strung vocal hum seems suited to a soundtrack gives feelings of walking through a small country dusty town late evening.

**The Path by Zoe Keating: Lovely long strings weaving through a journey, a bass string creating the momentum of continuing forward, and various notes weaving through to create some mystery, suspense and intrigue. A track would recommend to people who enjoy soundtracks, or to movers who which to explore to a dynamic track that will allow for some emotional movements.

Playing at the end of the universe By Labelle: A light playful whimsical track with high chimes and a sense of movement and exploration. Wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but was a discovery made in the hours of late night / early morning that seemed to please the inner child.

You me and my beat By StoneOcean: A pretty simple and repetitive track, slightly dancy instrumental exploration track. Has energy as if exploring through an area with purpose. With a boom bap type drum beat that drives most of the track, the repetition is broken up with slight glitch elements and sounds that seem to be inspired from oriental wind instruments.

**Familiar By Agnes Obel: A favourite of Chamber Pop, Haunting melancholic sounds with piano and violin sounds. Agnes weaves a web of vocals that float, shift and change that draw you in, Is a beautiful track, one was able to see live

Phanerozic By Jenna Campbell:  An adventure of a song by a local Melbourne artist. Great story telling through guitar exploration. A progressive rock guitar sound that grows and sweeps through an adventure with encounters with some wildlife. A good inspiring song.

24 bit Guitar Orchestra by Tijana Cartel:  A acoustic guitar dancy techno song that starts with a catchy spanish style guitar sound that drives the rhythm of the song as more electronic 8 bit tunes come into play. A cool upbeat mix of a song.

Delicate by Joey Fehrenbach: A soft ambient video game type song, A type of track that can play as you are in the night segment or the quiet mulling around stage of a game. It's a gentle low intrusive sort of track that comfortably sits in the background as you potter around doing whatever you do when not rushing around.

Rostro by Murcof: A track for the late hours of night when the lights are off or low. It has soft tape clicks and pops as if recorded on a tape recorder, slow haunting strings with some environmental recordings like people or objects in the background. Not quite creepy but could be for some. I found it an introspective track to listen to with some rain.

Siren by Sean Angus Watson: A soft guitar jazz type track, Kind of lofi type vibes without the lofibeat. A song to play while working or creating.

Baited Original mix by Electrocado: An upbeat dancy guitar track kinda electronic pop. This track makes me think of jumping and skipping through a park on a sunny day with a side of some silly shenanigans. I think bonus points for the best album cover on this list.

No. IV Deviations by Akin Sevgör: A sense of moving through maybe with curiosity or discovery. Is a instrumental synth, violin and piano type track that has some soft electronic beeps and artefacts that weave together to create this feeling of curiosity.

April.#19 By  Kashiwa Daisuke: A piano type track that grows with intensity and storytelling for the track to disintegrate and transform into a bit of noise and distortion. The track for me makes me think of growth and maybe hardships, but still kind of hopeful. Kashiwa Daisuke often has complex electronic sounds mixed with classical instruments often in chaotic ways, this track is on the less chaotic side of the spectrum.

Roses are blue By Martina Stock: A soft reflective piece with  Harp? Type sounds. A slower thinking type track 

Boy In Hokkaido by Fio Rosso: A local Melbourne artist, a friend's first foray into releasing a song on Spotify. Is a Flowing, floating dreamy vocal song with a ukulele on lost love. Is a cute, enjoyable song that I played a bunch through this year, and not just because I know the artist.

Blurry figures, far away by The Flashbulb: A driving piano track with a rock drum beat and haunting semi distorted vocals, It is a chill track with a forward momentum. Track feels like a dream or the state of waking from a dream and can't quite grasp what you were just dreaming about.

Éclosion by Tony Anderson: Imagine a late night where you are watching memories on repeat, shifting through time formless and floating. This is the type of feeling I get with this track. It is a soft instrumental mostly piano track.

Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy) by Daniel Pemberton: Across the spiderverse was one of my favourite movies of 2023. Many of the tracks were played on repeat throughout the year. This one has a sombre slow feel, but then shifts into momentum and carrying on no matter what. This energy of the song just feels satisfying

This wraps up the wrapped ramblings, I could continue to recomend and share tracks forever. If you came across interesting tracks this year, or just in general want to share tracks feel free to reach out and message me.

Happy listening/ Reading till next time



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