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  • Chunny Baker

Shining tiles repeating patterns

A older project that worked on was a creating a room as a tribute to a film. The restrictions was to create the room made with modular pieces, and could only have 3 props in the room to represent the film.

For this project I worked with another teammate and the film they chose to try and tackle was Stephen King's Shining. The scene that we decided on was to recreate the hallway with the iconic floor pattern.

Creating a room made with repeating pieces is a good exercise to practice when done right it allows a faster workflow can get more work achieved with less work, can create single pieces to be UV’ed and textured, rather than texturing multiple objects.

During this project I discovered that copying and pasting Uvs between objects doesn't quite work. A duplicate of a mesh that is the same when the uv’s are copied it sends the duplicate uvs to a single square that does not represent the shape or size of the object.

I know now that it would have been a much better process to create the UV of one object then duplicate the Uved version, rather than make duplicates and try to copy the Uv.

Repeating textures are a pain. I had a lot of trouble trying to create the repeating floor pattern of the film. After many tries i managed to create a repeating pattern along the horizontal part of the texture. At the time it didn't occur to me to create a vertical repeating pattern.

In creating the repeating pattern I am still not quite sure how it was achieved, i know the loose process of setting up offsets in photoshops to remove the seams. Can achieve reasonable results with organic seams. But for unnatural patterns I am not confident i could replicate.

After applying the texture (not on the same day) I soon discovered that the pattern did not repeat vertically. Time was getting short I felt didn't have much time to try and replicate the tiling. So i duplicated the mesh with the texture and overlaid the textured mesh to fix and continue the pattern.

Great success, sure it gets results but importing the model into Sketchfab there was display glitches when the camera moves. I now know that overlapping meshes can create visual glitches.

For this project I created to wall and floor tiles, and the tricycle. Team member modeled and textured the props. We both worked on the final lighting.

The final result can be found on here

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