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  • Chunny Baker

Flying Re timing

Working with this bird rig has been a fun challenge so far it has a lot of controls to keep track of, I have always enjoyed the movement of birds so it has been fun to try and recreate it.

I recently wet through the re-timing stage of animation, since I animated to a bunch of different reference the timing is a bit different for each part of the animation.

With the re-timing i broke the birds body where i didn't have all the controls selected and re-scaled most of the animations, this resulted in a glitch in the movement that took me a bit to sort out.

Ended up just reverting back to a old save and trying to adjust the timing from scratch.

With working with this rig I had a problem early on where setting everything to zero I still had parts of the rig that were not resting to zero. As I had animated parts of the rig then unsure as to which part of the rig had been changed. This was before I got into the rythm of knowing which parts of the rig i had animated and changed.

To sort out this kink I copied the default pose then readjusted the pose to match the previous pose so it could flow nicely into the next pose without the kink of breaking the rig.

I am getting the hang of this rig, it is no longer intimidating.

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